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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 29 - July 20, 2011

Update for Today -- Just received my construction dumpster. Now all the construction materials can go into the dumpster which is right outside the back door..... Temporay power not in yet but maybe by tonight when we get there or else tomorrow. We will be meeting with a "mud out" team representative from the Southern Baptist Church Assocation. They have teams of people who go to disasters and help in situations like ours. What ever they do will be greatly appreciated. More on this tomorrow.....

More progress is being made in the house. Thanks to one of radio listeners I was able to get a waterbed pump. The bed is drained and now on the boulevard with the other stuff. The final bit of carpet is out and the floors are clear of carpet but we have some residue to get off. Some of the carpet was rubber back and left behind the black remains of the built in pad. All dishes are boxed up, (the ones from the kitchen upper cabinets.) Hopefully today we will have temporary power hooked up. We have been running on the generator while we are there. With temporary power we can leave the dehumidifiers and fans going all night.
I looked into the basement last night. What a mess. Plans are to finish cleaning the trash out of the garage first then start the basement.
I suspect that the back door will have to be replaced. Not sure if any of the doors we "rescued" will fit when the time comes due to wood swelling. Time will tell


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