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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hotels & Motels Of Days Past

Gelking Motel – 1524 S Broadway
Walsh Motel – 17th Ave – Hwy 83 south
Pat’s Motel – Hwy 52 Southeast
Gordon’s Holiday Spot – 1901 S Broadway
Clarence Parker – 1st St and 1st Ave SE
Leland Parker – Main Street and Central Ave
Paradise Motel - 20th Ave and Broadway
Sterling Motel – 20th Ave & Broadway
Roosevelt Hotel – Broadway and 1st Ave.
Ho Hum Motel – Burdick Exp & Bypass West
Home Motel –Hwy 2 & 52 West
Dakota Hotel - 30 South Main Street
Windsor Hotel - Corner of 1st St and 1st Ave SW
(pictured below are the Roosevelt and the Windsor)


  1. Quite a memory lane for me today! I worked at the Leland Parker Hotel while I was going to Minot State, later was a Hostess at Gordon's Holiday Spot (the Gorden's were quite the couple!) and my grandmother Mabel Travis was the Proprietor of the Windsor Hotel in the 1940's I believe. I have stationery from the Windsor with her name on it. (But had no photos other than one in the parking lot!)


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