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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 26 - July 17, 2011

Today was  spent getting the rest of the carpet out of the house, All is out on the main floor except for under the waterbed. We are one of the few people who still use a waterbed and we need a pump to get all the water out. The hardwood floors are good in the bedroom and kitchen. The main floor bathroom and the back dressing area do not have hardwood floors. The back area was a porch at one time and the bathroom has had too many changes with the apartments that were there over the years. The album with flood pictures shows the large closet doors. These were the originally the doors to the carriage house that was behind our house when it was built. Most of the water is out of the basement. Today we pumped out about 18 inches. Tomorrow we will empty the upper kitchen cabinets into bins for storage. We will be redoing the kitchen and looking at perhaps a different layout.
Still more work to empty the garage and then we start the basement.
So far there are 16 houses in the neighborhood with collapsed basements. 6 of these are on our city block. One is next door to the north and another directly west of this house, across the alley. One for sure will not be rebuild and perhaps the other. We may have the opportunity to purchase additional lots in the future, There are other neighbors I have spoken with that may just not want to redo their houses. This will probably be the case in many areas around town. It is a lot of work but everyday we get a bit more done. Our goal is the same . By October we would like to have the house rewired, at least one furnace and one water heater back in with a functioning kitchen so we can move home. Time will tell.


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