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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bars and Restaurants From the Past

From the Centennial Newspaper – Entertainment Businesses of the past.....
The Parkway Diner (across from Roosevelt Park)
– Happy Joe’s Pizza ( 816 20th Ave SW) 
– A&W Drive-In (1819 S Broadway)
– Hitchin Post Restaurant (3 miles East of Fairgrounds)
– Kings Food Host (711 S Broadway)
– Village Inn Pizza (1929 North Broadway)
– Torchlight Bar (Downtown Minot)
– Schoenwald’s Lil Red Caboose Bar (614 3rd St NE )
– Howdy’s (1734 South Broadway)
– the Agate Lounge (Surrey)
– Club 52 (between Minot and Burlington)
– Stockman’s Bar (east Burdick Expressway)
– El Greco Lounge (on North Broadway)
– Fireside Lounge (at the Sandman Hotel)


  1. In 1978, upon discharging from the Air Force Base, I stayed in Minot an additional year going MSC and bartending at the Torchlight. I loved the place, the people and especially Ione & Rollin Metz, the owners. Now, 32 years later I return after retiring form the NYPD and joining FEMA. I now am deployed to the city I left behind & thought about for so many years. I visited the Chicago Club (former Torchlight)today and was amazed at the changes as well as the similarities. I would love to get in touch with Ione Metz if someone can help me. I would just like to see and speak with her and reminence. If anyone can help, here is my contact info: Artie Annecelli 703-258-4201 Thank you.....

    1. My number has changed. My new contact info is 631-833-8301.

  2. The torchlight was a great club in the day. I also was in the air force stationed there in the early 80s and also bar tented there. Ray Omar was the manager at the time. Man what a bunch of great memories from there. I lived in a condo on north hill which had a heated pool. Just imagine the parties in there when it was neg 40 outside. We had some great road bands and national acts playing there.
    Thanks for bringing back some really good times. Take care Minot sorry to here about all the flooding.
    Anybody that was there during those years and want to talk about it can email me.

  3. Does anyone remember where Arvid's Red Carpet was located? it was a Scandinavian smorgasbord type establishment that I seem to recall as being in a basement. I also remember the first time I was taken there with my family, I loaded my plate to overflowing, and my father remarked "You know, you CAN go back..."

  4. I was in the band Banshee from Fort Wayne Indiana. We played at the Torchlight Nov 1-6 1982 first stop on a winter tour. All I remember was talking with a guy about nunks...

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  6. I spent way too many hours at the TorchLight downtown Minot! On both first and second floor! 71-74

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  10. Oh Ya....The Torchlight was the happening spot. Start out watching the stripper downstairs, shoot some pool, then meander upstairs to make some time with the many beautiful women the area had to offer. I was there 2-3 times a week in the late 70's-early 80's, and were likely the best times I ever had at a nightclub. I worked on the Railroad there in Minot from 1976-1981. I also 'attended' The Lil Red Caboose, The Fireside Lounge, The Barley Pop etc. What fun I had living in Minot. Most, you would not likely believe. CHEERS Minot !!!

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  14. I was stationed at Minot AFB 1977-1979 and had a great assignment there. During that time I bartended at the Torchlight and I really enjoyed working there. Ione Metz was the owner and a wonderful person to work for. Great Memories!