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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tunnels in Minot #1

 The next two or three entires will be about tunnels in Minot... some existed, many people believed there were there some tunnels that may have actually existed. I believe that many of the tunnel stories are the result of stories tat have been embellished over the years......
 Before WW II there was a pedestrian tunnel under the railroad tracks on Fourth Avenue (Burdick Expressway). It was probably built about the same time as the overpass. The tunnel was well lighted and dry. Cars no longer had to worry about trains, nor did pedestrians. Cars went over the top and people went underneath. After WWII the lights were broken by vandals. Women were afraid to use the tunnels. Because of liability the railroad boarded up the entrance. The question comes to mind…. Is the tunnel still there? reports from radio listeners believe the tunnle was there when the 4th Street Overpass was two lanes. When the new, four lane, overpass was constructed the walk tunnel was eliminated.


  1. used the tunnel until 1957 then i started the spring it would fill with water,would have to cross tracks. always a nasty was next to old curling rink which my family ran and i worked bonspiels. always was an adventure passing thru tunnel when lites were out

  2. are any of the tunnels still around?