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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Evacuate - 2011

Well, no history today.... probably was part of making Minot History. We have spent the last two days moving what we could to the top floor of our home due to pending flood waters coming. The rest of it, furniture, appliances and woodworking power tools we moved out to the farm. The farm is my grandparents homestead where my cousin and her husband live. We will be here for, I believe, months. The water will probably get to our main floor, about 3-5 inches. In the 69 flood the house had no water on the main floor. I think it will be at least a couple months before we can get into the neighborhood, (Eastwood Park), to pump out basement and get electric in first. I have ordered a generator to provide power for pumps. We will have to replace both furnaces, water heater, kitchen cabinets, flooring on two floors and more. In two days Minot will be under more water than ever before. I will keep you posted on what develops as the water raises and the subsides..... More later. I will grab some pictures tomorrow and post .... too tired today to do it.

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