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Monday, June 27, 2011

Evacuated 2011 Day 6 1/2

It is mid day on Monday, June 27th. The river is slowly dropping, a few inches a day.... this will be a long ordeal. Today we have had some breaks in the water lines in the city. We are not sure where. This is on top of contaminated water getting into the system a couple days ago. All Minot and area residents not only have to boil water before using but now have to really conserve water. Water Dept is working on finding breaks... may have to shut down areas of the city to locate them and then re-route water atound them. Still trying to save the dike around Perkett Elementary School. 3 schools are under water. Ramstad Middle School, 700+ students has water to the roof. Longfellow Elementary School has water on main floor. Lincoln Elementary has water on Main floor. It is going to be long time for water to recede and even longer to get into to assess damage and then start cleanup. FEMA is in the area and the registration process has started. Many mobile homes are submerged to the roof and some are floating off the foundations. Many single family homes in some areas are submerged to the roof line also.  More later or tomorrow....


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