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Friday, June 17, 2011

American Legion Club

The American Legion Club was located in Downtown Minot on 1st St, (Broadway) just south American State Bank, now Bremer bank.. The American Legion Club moved into this building in 1952 after purchasing it from the Minot Daily News. The News moved to its new location at 301 4th St. SE.  The American Legion Club later moved to a new location on Minot’s north hill, now the home of Don Bessette Motors. The old American Legion Club location in Downtown Minot is now part of the parking lot north of Bremer Bank. I was in the old American Legion Club many times during my stint of driving a delivery truck for Coca Cola Bottling. It was always noted for having great food. Pictured below is the American Legion band from sometime in the 40's


  1. If we were in town with dad we always ate lunch at the Legion club, either the old one or the new one on north hill. I can't remember the man's name who was the greeter but he always new us and called us by name. I also remember the lady who served the roast beef, If she thought you looked hungry she would give you an extra slice.