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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Evacuate 2011 - Day 4

It is now the morning of the 4th Day of Evacuation. We are settling into what is now a normal routine. Staying at the farm on top of Speedway Hill. We have re-located Sew Unique, Pat's sewing business to the radio station for the duration of evacuation. The river is relentless in its rise. I received a call from a neighbor who got as close to our neighborhood as he could. He was at the railroad tracks on 9th St., just south of Coca Cola. At that time, (about 7pm on Friday evening), he estimated about 1-2 feet of water on the street at the entrance to Eastwood Park. Great news.... maybe the water will not get to the main floor of our house. Then we awoke at 4 am this morning to get ready for work. Turned on the TV. At Central Ave. and Third Street the water was 3-4 ft high on the Firestone store and still rising. Looks like my main floor will get wet. Since Thursday,after my radio show is done I have been helping out at the EOC. Emergency Operations Center. It is the base of all flood fight activity. I have been and will continue to help in the Call Center. This is a phone bank of about 20+ phones that is set up to help people and answer any questions about the flood. And the variety of questions is endless. I have been acting in a supervisory capacity, helping the volunteers. Many are not familiar with the city and I can be a resource. I have fielded calls from private individuals, businesses and media from all over the country. It can get hectic, but hopefully in some small way I can help a number of people. I will take my laptop home this weekend and download some current flood pictures to post.  All for now


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