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Monday, June 27, 2011

Evacuate 2011 - Day 6

Well ii is day 6 of the evacuation, Monday June 27th. The river seems to have hit its crest on Saturday. Now it will be a slow agonizing wait for the water to go down. Many I have spoken with seem to think this will only take a weekmor so. I am not expecting to get back into Eastwood Park to look at the damages until late in July. One neighbor estimates he has about 2 feet of water on his main floor. I hope he is right, as my main floor is about 2 feet higher than his. There is an outside chance that I may eascape main floor water damage... outside chance.  I have lined up a generator to purchase when the water recedes to get in and pump out the basement. Then comes the electrician to go through the 3 breaker boxes in basement. It is possible the box in the garage is high enough to have escaped getting wet. I have been workin in the EOC... Emergency Operation Center. I started answering phones and now work as a supervisor for the call center, helping up to 20 people field any questions that come to the Flood Hotline Information Center.... Keeps me busy. may have the opportunity to get up in a National Guard Blackhawk Helicopter to fly over the valley.


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