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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Waverly Hotel Fire

There were other businesses in the Waverly Hotel at the time of the fire. They were Bader’s, a womens clothing store,  Anderson Jewelry, Service Shoe Repair and Brady’s Bar. Most of these businesses had time to remove the majority of their inventory before it was destroyed by the fire. Bader’s were able to remove the clothing stock, alterations and lay-aways but lost most of the fixtures. Bader’s eventually reopened in another location on Main Street. Service Shoe repair saved some but not all of their equipment. They moved to another location and are still in business today in the Oak Park Center. Brady’s Bar moved most of their inventory out of the building, as did Anderson Jewelry. Anderson Jewelers had many items survive as they were locked in a safe. I do not know the fate of the bar or the jewelry store

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