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Friday, March 25, 2016

St Joseph’s Hospital –

 The Ward County Hospital was completed in 1896. In 1911 the Sister’s of St Francis came to Minot to manage the 30 bed hospital. They changed the name form “Northwestern” to St Joseph’s and began their mission of caring. In 1917 the Sisters purchased the hospital from the county for $28,000.00. The hospital grew from its original 30 beds to a 197 bed modern facility. St Joseph’s was eventually acquired by Trinity Medical Center.


  1. A sad day in Minot's history when St Joe's was acquired by trinity.

    1. My son will be 50 this year. When he was 18, right out of high school, he joined the air force and was stationed at Minot Air Force Base, Military Police. He was in a serious car accident and I flew to Minot. He was in St Joseph's Hospital. He was unconscious when I arrived. In the middle of the night, I was sitting in a waiting room very distressed. A kind minister came in the room and prayed with me. I never got to thank him. It was around memorial day in 1987.