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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

1916 – J C Penny Co. – Part 2

JC Penny in Minot Part 2   – The Golden Rule Store – by Susan Gessner

as of January 1, 1916, the Minot store’s name was changed to JC Penny Company. Back in 1913, Penny and his partners decided to change the name of their stores to distinguish them from other stores with the Golden Rule name, the Penny really liked that name. The JC Penny Company was incorporated that year. Soon the existing company stores began to change names and new stores opened with the JC Penny Co. name. 1919 was also the year the store moved from the Boyer Block to the building immediately north, The Masonic Temple Block. A 10 year lease was signed for the main floor and basement. This location provided about twice the space. On March 25, 1919 the new store opened.


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