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Friday, February 20, 2015

Puppy Dog Coulee – How did it get its name? –

 Puppy Dog Coulee starts way southwest of Minot and flows through Minot eventually ending up on the east side of town by Eastside Estates. I have been curious as to how Puppy Dog Coulee received its name ..Two people have given their versions of why it is named what it is …..Jeana DeTienne Walsh - That property was owned by Ernest Livingston. Ernest told me this when I asked him about 1972 or so. He named it that because the year he bought it he found an abandoned litter of puppies there. The name stuck.  Ann Krause It was called Puppy Dog because of the salamanders that lived there. They were referred to as Mud Puppies. She played down there as a kid, plinked cans etc. Her parents owned a business on the edge of the coulee.

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