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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Judge William Murray –

 William Murray, the judge in the trial, was a native of Dumfries, Scotland. He arrived in on the train Minot literally hours before the shooting of Shang Foster by Roxy Queal. When the train that Murray was on pulled into Minot, the Conductor, Casper Sands, warned passengers… “Minot, the last stop Minot, prepare to meet your God!!” Apparently Murray was in the saloon at the time of the shooting. In an interview later he recalled that Foster fell almost at his feet. Queal was locked up in the Ward County Imperial Jail. He did escape but was again apprehended and tried. He pleaded self-defense and was sentenced to 4 years in the penitentiary but was out on parole after 18 months. After the shooting, Foster was buried on the side of a hill near the intersection of what is now 4th St SW and Burdick Expressway. Gunder Reishus suggested an epitaph for Foster…. “Beneath these stones repose the bones of the first outsider to try to outsmart a Minot Man”.

 Judge William Murray
Gunder Reishus


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