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Monday, February 2, 2015

Minot’s First Murder

The first murder in Minot took place in August 1887 at Jack Doyle’s Saloon. The Saloon was located on what is now Central Avenue close to Main Street. Shang Foster was shot and killed by Roxy Queal. It is agreed that at one time the two were at least acquaintances if not friends. Foster was a known gambler who spent time in the Black Hills area when he was run out of Minot, which apparently was quite often. Gunder Reishus, a Minot resident for whom Reishus Avenue was named was visiting with John Cooper in front of Cooper’s Jewelry when the shots were fired. They ran to Jack Doyle’s Saloon to see what had happened.    There seems to be two versions of how the infamous event occurred.
Tomorrow we will look at Version 1.

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