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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Minot's First Murder - Version 1

Minot's First murder occured in August 1887 in Jsck Doyle's Saloon:
In one version Roxy Queal and Shang Foster argued about a debt of $20.00 that Queal owed Foster. Foster gave Queal a deadline of 4:00 pm to pay up or he was going to find him and kill him. Queal, knowing that Foster was drinking at Jack Doyle’s Saloon walked in and bought him a drink as they were standing at the bar. Knowing he could not repay the debt, Queal then pulled a gun and shot Foster at point blank range. Killing him on the spot. Queal then ran out of the saloon and was free for a short time He was captured a short distance from away after he boarded a train leaving Minot.

Version 2 - Tomorrow

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