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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Past Businesses - 1950's

Some businesses from the 1950's that are not around anymore -- Waterman Packard – located at 3rd Avenue and 4th Street SE – Packard Automobile dealer …..Lloyd Construction – Highway 2, east of Minot – developers of the Bel Air area in Northwest Minot …. Frosaker Motors – Chevrolet dealer – 100 to 104 2nd Street NW ….. Asplund Garage – 110 to 112 2nd St Sw – Studebaker dealer …… Goldberg’s Furniture – 6 to 8 North Main Street …… Parker Motor Company – 117 1stAve SE – Dodge dealer – Across from the Blue Rider.... Pictured below is Ole Frosaker and the "all new" 1950 Chevrolet... and Frosaker Motors on Broadway.... also a picture of North Main street in the 50's ... Goldberg Furniture is seen in this picture


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