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Friday, June 8, 2012

Grand Hotel Fire

January 27, 1960 – The Grand Hotel was built in 1906 on the corner of 1st St and Central Avenue SW. Built by Olof A Olson, iIt was originally known as the Lexington. An addition was built and opened in 1912. In 1917 the name was changed from the Lexington to the Grand Hotel. At the time of the fire the Grand had over 100 rooms and was also the home to 10 other businesses. No one was seriously injured in the fire. Articles on the blaze list the hotel janitor who suffered smoke inhalation problems. Loss due to the fire was placed at over $500,000.00. Today the losses would have been much higher. Pictured below is the Lexington Hotel, then the Grand hotel before and after the fire.


  1. My Mom (Eileen) lost her job in that fire, A few months later we moved to Seattle.


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