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Friday, June 22, 2012

2nd Street Appreciation Days

December 2, 1958 –  In 1958 Broadway was know as 2nd Street. The merchants on North 2nd Street were holding customer appreciation days on December 4th through the 6th. Some of the participating businesses were: Between the base of the viaduct and 4th Avenue – Brooks Realty, Brooks Barber Shop, Brooks Beauty Salon, Harry’s Variety and Linnertz Christmas Trees….. Located between 4th Ave and what is now the Barley Pop – Northwest Beauty Shop, Northwestern Electric and Diamonds Dept. Store(now the Barley Pop).   North of Barley Pop to Subway…. Alm’s Westland, Diamond’s jack & Jill, Service Drug Store, 2nd Street Super Valu, Super  Grill . Across 4th Ave to the South – Cut Rate Food Market …. Where Westlie Auto is located, north of 1st Lutheran – The Beaver Palace (original location) and Hugh-Nelson Motors… In the area of Tutti Frutti – Sterling Knudson – State Farm Insurance, he Radio Shop, Clarence Valker- Florist and Paul’s Grocery.

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