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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sears Gas Prices - 1976

In 1976 when Minot was threatened by a flooding Mouse River, Sears was located in the Town & Country Shopping Center. The main Sears store was on the south end of the shopping center. Sears also had an automotive center and gas station where Gate City Savings & Loan is now located. In a newspaper ad on April 20, 1976 Sears stated: Our gas prices will stay the same during the flood emergency. We will not take advantage of people who must travel extra miles during this emergency. Sears kept their gas prices at 52.9 cents per gallon during the flood crisis. Also During the 1976 flood crisis, South Hill Red Owl extended its store hours to midnight to help people with their grocery shopping needs. South Hill Red Owl was in the building where Tractor Supply is now located.


  1. Hi Dave, I've been going through your blog and came across this item. I was wondering, since Sears kept their prices low, what did other stations raise prices to?