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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 95 - Sep 24, 2011

The floor in the basement is in. It still needs to be power washed and then sealed after it sets up for a few days. The walls can then go up and rewiring can proceed in the basement. The driveway / patio has been removed so by early next week we may have that replaced. The insulation has arrived. Muus Lumber is going to deliver that on Tuesday afternoon about 2 pm. We can start insulating the main floor. I removed the hardwood floor from the pantry and 1/2 the kitchen. Most of the kitchen flooring is bad. We are saving quite a bit for use in patching areas on the rest of the main floor. I will have Muus drop off new subflooring. The kitchen will get some sort of tile.
The hardwood floor in the den is also coming out as it has been patched and is covered with the residue of rubber back carpet. We will replace that with new hardwood to accent the original on the rest of the main floor. The Corps of Engineers is not picking up debris anymore so we will be hauling to the dump ourselves.

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