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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 85 - Sep 14, 2011

The electricians have gutted all old electrical in the basement and are working on the Main floor. I am going to do a walk through with them in about an hour to let them know of any special things we want that would be above and beyond what the codes call for. Extra outlets, switches, etc. The company they work for is sending in more people with a motorhome or 5th wheel to live in. I have given them permission to park it next to or behind the garage if they need to.
The power washing should begin today. Ron will do the basement and wall also spray off the outside of the house.
We cleaned all the "stuff" off the patio between the house and garage. Ray, our concrette contractor is planning on pouring the basement late the week or early next week. It would be nice if they could pour by the weekend. We could start rebuilding walls in the basement next week, get electrical in and then insulation. The patio may get done next week or the week after is weather holds.
Furnace and A/C scheduled for the 24th of October, maybe sooner. All old ductwork is out and it will be a completely new system.
I am going to measure walls and height to figure out how many square feet of insulation we are going to need. We are going to insulate with Roxul. A canadian product made out of spun stone fibers.... basalt and lava rock melted down and spun into fibers. Goggle it if you are interested.... interesting product.


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