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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 78 - Sep 7, 2011

Today we should see some progress. The new beams to replace the damaged load bearing walls are going in. The concrete will perhaps get poured this weekend. I am going to the house all afternoon to finish the garage. Pat and I worked in it all weekend. The south wall has shelving to remove and then the sheetrock and insulation go into the dumpster. When that wall is done,(hopefully by tonite), we will have the dumpster removed for the last time. We filled the big roll-off construction dumpster 6 times. I have an electrician inSt. Cloud looking at the floor plan of the basement and main floor to give me a bid on wiring. They will be in Minot next week to work. I am supposed to have an electrician and a heating/ac guy coming by today to give me an estimate. Most electricians, even the ones advertising for work, do not return calls....
More later

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