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Monday, June 25, 2018

Van de Streek Furs

Van de Streek Furs – on Thursday, August 20, 1953, Van de Streek Furs announced their opening. This company specialized in genuine fur coats. They were located at 108 4th Avenue SE…. across from what is now M&H Gas. Times were different and women and some men wore genuine fur coats. Van de Streek Furs claimed to have a vault where they could store up to 2,600 fur coats at a constant temperature. They also had a showroom equipped with special lighting so the customer could examine the fur under various lighting situations. Free gifts to be drawn for at the opening included a mink cape, mink scarf and a Kolinski scarf….

Main Street - 1950's

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  1. We lived above the fur store from 1975-1976. Great memories!!