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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The “Magicians Nickname” --

 Before 1908 a baseball team existed in Minot but it had no nickname, (“Mouse Riverites” did not catch on). In 1908 team organizers wanted to utilize the “Magic City” nickname by naming the team “The Magic City Base Ball Team”. This eventually was shortened to “Magic City Team” then to “Minot Team” or “Minot Boys” and then “Minot Regulars”. However, in 1909 the team became known as the “Magicians”. This name was used through the 1928 season. The Magician name had broad appeal. In 1916 the Minot Normal School, (now Minot State University), used the nickname for its sports teams and also for its yearbook. The high school deferred to the Normal School until the summer of 1925 when students at the Normal School (MSU) chose the beaver as their mascot. The yearbook was also title The Beaver. After that the “Magician” name was claimed by the high school. Eventually the names “Magi” and “Majettes” would be developed from the Magicians nickname. ..... As researched by Susan Gessner


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