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Thursday, December 1, 2016

One More Story about High Third

Henry’s Pool Hall – bands would play on the weekends. One long time resident of Third Street told me that when the bands would play on a busy weekend night the horn players would have handkerchiefs in their hands to hold on to the instruments. My source said the horns would get so hot that you could not touch them. Also the windows of the Parrot Inn on many a Sunday morning would be all boarded up due to fights. The windows would all be blown out the night before.

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  1. Great story about High 3rd. When my father came home from WWII and joined his father in the newspaper and publishing business he joined the predecessor to the Chamber of Commerce and the United Way (Community Chest). He was assigned to a "difficult area" for the annual fund raising campaign -- High 3rd. Long story short Dad was THE leader for funds raised for that year because all the owners of the businesses' could not believe he would come to solicit them. Most were fronts for "houses of ill-repute" with cafes as store fronts