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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mitchell’s Hardware -

 Mitchell’s Hardware was on the corner of Central Avenue and 3rd Street South East, where Val’s Cyclery is now  located. Prior to Mitchell’s this locations was the home for Oppen’s Grocery Store. Oppen’s had a lunch counter or cafeteria in the store. I believe this was known as the Central Avenue Café. For a while Mitchell’s Hardware also maintained the Central Avenue Café even though it was a hardware store.  One of Mitchell Hardware’s claim to fame was a talking Myna bird named Mack.  Mack had the reputation of uttering four letter words, especially the s--- word, so many younger shoppers were not allowed to hang out around him. After Mitchell’s and before Val’s Cyclery, this location was the home of Ben’s Appliances.


  1. The Mitchell family lived in a home on the corner of 9th Ave and 16th Street NW. Their daughter, Mary Machelle Mitchell graduated from Minot High in 1967. I think Lloyd Mitchell worked for Cenex after he closed the Hardware Store.