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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Memory Notes from a listener #2

-  On First Street,  mid block between Central Avenue and 1st Avenue was Minot Bowling Lanes (it was upstairs also) owned by Fred George .  Harry's Tire Service was next door.  This Bowling alley at one time had human pin setters, they used to hire high school kids to do it.  (The people who ran the Bowling Alley lived in an apartment on the top floor of the building. Not sure when it closed but then in the mid-60's it was a place to take your slot car as it had a big track for racing slot cars. 

Also, just west of Woolworths on Central Avenue was the Singer Store and a Drug Store and I don't remember the name of that one. (There was also a women’s hat shop,( Dottie’s Hat Shop) on the same block of Central Avenue, between 1st Street Southwest and Main St.)

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  1. Dottie Dunn Hat Shop. Tiny store that did a big business for the years when hats were a standard part of a woman's attire. It was across the street from the junior boutique I managed which was called "The Other Place". 70s mod fashions for young women owned by Walt Feldman and Elliot Obedin.