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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Memories of a Minot Resident #1 -

 Carl's Music Shop was at one time The Minot Accordion Shop and it was located where I Keating was.  He sold Accordions and Guitars mainly and also gave music lessons for the accordion.  (In the mid sixties, Carls Music Shop was located in the Flat Iron Building on Central Avenue).

 On the East side of First Street there was B&B Drug with a cafeteria below it and it had the most luscious carmel rolls in the morning!!  On street side, one door down and up the stairs was the Minot Business College.  In the mid-60's Minot Business College moved up on South Hill to what used to be a convent.  Not sure when it closed. It was owned by Lloyd Hansen. (This is now Apartments at the intersection of 3rd Street and 14th Avenue SE…. By Rosehill Cemetery).


  1. David, the building on south hill that is now apts was the old sacred heart academy run by the benedicten nuns. It was half convent half school, from 7-12 grade. 1965 was the last graduating class, of which i was a member, the building was sold and used as a business college. The nuns moved on to the abby in richatdton, nd.

  2. Minot Business College moved from their downtown location on 1st Street to the south hill convent building in the late '60s. My former husband graduated from the MBC south hill location in the early 1970s. The original MBC was on the second floor of a store directly across the street from The Ward County Independent (newspaper), Harry's Tire Service and The Minot Bowling Alley.