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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trestle Valley Ski Resort –

 October 17, 1974, plans were unveiled for the Trestle Valley Ski Resort. The ski area was to have seven downhill or alpine ski trails and about 10 miles of cross country trails, Nine individuals organized Trestle Valley Recreational Area, Inc. they leased about 30 acres of land just west of the Burlington Northern Trestle. They broke ground on a two-story lodge which was to be located at the base of the downhill ski lifts. Two ski lifts were to be built. One was a high speed T-bar lift. The lifts had the capacity of 407 skiers on the slopes at one time. The group planned to have three snow making machines to be used on the alpine and cross country trails. The opening was scheduled for the winter of 1974.


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