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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tempo – Queen’s Day

on September 25, 1965, the Tempo in store in Minot held “Queen’s Day”. And interesting concept. The wives of the store and department managers took over for their husbands at the Tempo Store. The husbands stayed home that day and took care of the tasks normally handled by their wives such as housework and taking care of the children. Many departments featured sale and marked down items. Special items for customers who made a furniture or appliance purchase. The Tempo Store was on the north end of the Arrowhead Shopping Center, now the home of Marketplace Foods.


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  2. In 1973, I graduated from the 8th grade. My parents bought me a bike from Tempo for the outlandish price of $39.00! Plus, we had to assemble it ourselves! It was the glossiest black paint I had ever seen. The spokes glistened in the sun, creating their own light-show as the wheels turned. It was one speed only. No fancy European bicycle for me. I rode that bike for years. It even went to college with me after I graduated high school in 1977.
    Dad would buy our family fishing license there as well. We'd load up on tackle. We'd stock up on Pfleuger Limpers, red and white spoons and black and white spoons. Once, we actually bought a couple bright green lures with black dots on them! I don't recall catching any fish with them. In fact, the only thing I can remember catching was a tree limb and the seat of my pants while casting.

  3. Tempo Stores were a division of Gamble-Skogmo of St. Lous Park, Minnesota. Mr. Gamble and Mr. Skogmo grew up in Arthur, North Dakota, near Fargo!

  4. Tempo Stores were a division of Gamble-Skogmo of St. Lous Park, Minnesota. Mr. Gamble and Mr. Skogmo grew up in Arthur, North Dakota, near Fargo!


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