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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gordon’s Holiday Spot –

 In describing their business in 1964 for the 75th anniversary of the state, The Holiday Spot read as follows: Enjoy the facilities at Gordon’s Holiday Spot where you are invited to make reservations for dinners and banquets on all occasions. The inviting atmosphere of the Continental Room is certain to please you and your wife on your night on the town. The Copper Pot coffee shop is home away from home for breakfast, lunch, coffee break or dinner. …. Come as you are. We feature the best menu in town at a reasonable price. For an evening of relaxation, bring your party to the Shangri-La Lounge. Live entertainment nightly provided by well-known professional musical talent. We also have a package liquor store and barber shop, along with one of the largest and finest motel accommodations in the northwest.


  1. I worked at the Copper Pot Coffee Shop as the morning hostess/cashier in 1964, Gordon and Dorothy were interesting people to work for. Their son worked at the desk in the motel. Funny memory of Gordon is that he traded in his car for a new one every other year without fail!


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