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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gambles Hardware

There was a Gambles Store in Minot…. Not sure at this time where….. The first Gambles Store opened in St Cloud, Minnesota in 1925. Gamble Skogmo incorporated in 1928… The Minot Gambles Store opened in 1927.  At the time of Minot 75th Anniversary in 1961 there were 2,367 Gambles-Skogmo associated retail outlets. The early stores catered to the Ford Model “T” owners, selling them parts to keep their automobiles running. Eventually they expanded into hardware, paint, tool and other items associated with a full-line hardware store. The Gambles store was the predecessor to Minot’s Tempo Store in Arrowhead shopping Center

Not a Gambles Store but a Hardware Store from the past


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