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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1906 - Eastwood Park Forest Festival

Eastwood Park Forest Festival
Forest Festival Held in 1906.

In August, 1906, the Women's Club of Minot held a benefit for building a YMCA building in Minot. The Celebration, called the Forest Festival, was held in the newly opened residential district of Eastwood Park.
According to a story in the Minot Daily Optic, Eastwood Park's beauty was greater than any roof garden in New York or palm garden in St. Louis. Japanese lanterns were hung everywhere and flashes of Roman fire added mystery to the evening. There was everything from a full-fledged vaudeville performance to games of chance in a tulip bed. Popcorn, ice cream, and Russian tea were served. Many visitors wore costumes ranging from a Puritan maid to a flowery Geisha. The weather was beautiful. Thousands of visitors attended the festival, many of whom came in free buses from the Leland and Morrill Hotels.
The cost was 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for children.
The Festival raised over $500.00 for the YMCA building project.
Even from it's very beginning, Eastwood Park has attracted crowds to it's beautiful streets.
(by Steven Cameron)
Humpback Bridge Off 6th Street

Early Picture of Eastwood Park - 9th St ??


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