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Thursday, February 13, 2014


The Windsor Hotel stood on the corner of First Street and First Avenue SE  until 1949 – 1950  . The Windsor was torn down to become the home of the original YMCA which opened in the early 50's. I was asked to find out where the YMCA was before the building was built. I seems as though there was no established building before Colin Brown raised the funds to build it. The YMCA organization was apparently in the local schools as clubs. There is some evidence to believe that some YMCA groups met in the upstairs of a building on Main Street. Most likely this was in the Masonic Lodge when it was on Main. I hope this answers the question

Windsor Hotel - late 1940's
YMCA - early 1950's

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  1. joined ymca in 1952..used pool,gym,movies,and snack grill. mr brown,frank lauchridge and rich the grill man were great people. was in HI Y club for 4 years..went on trips to canada black hills etc
    every summer...excellent for teen agers