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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Van de Streek Furs

Van de Streek Furs – I received an email about Van de Streek Furs. I thought I had a picture but apparently I do not . 
On Thursday, August 20, 1953, Van de Streek Furs announced their opening. This company specialized in genuine fur coats. They were located at 108 4th Avenue SE…. across from what is now M&H Gas. Times were different and women and some men wore genuine fur coats. Van de Streek Furs claimed to have a vault where they could store up to 2,600 fur coats at a constant temperature. They also had a showroom equipped with special lighting so the customer could examine the fur under various lighting situations. Free gifts to be drawn for at the opening included a mink cape, mink scarf and a Kolinski scarf…. 

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  1. Thanks! I was the one who asked. I used to live above the fur store in the late '70s. According to Google maps, it looks like the building has been torn down. We did check out the vault one weekend when the door was left unlocked.