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Friday, June 28, 2013

Waverly Hotel

January 19, 1943 – Waverly Hotel Fire – the Waverly Hotel was located on the Southeast corner of Main Street and 1st Avenue. The hotel was four stories high and was a landmark in the city. The Waverly Hotel was built by Peter Ehr in 1905. He was a resident on the top floor of the hotel but was carried to safety by firemen.  The night of the fire the temperatures were around 30 degrees below zero. . Reports stated that the water was freezing as it was sprayed on the fire. 91 one people were staying at the Waverly the night of the fire. Four lives were lost and the bodies remained frozen in the debris until spring thaw
One business that survived was Bader's Women's Wear. With help the employees were able to save all the fur coats and layaway items however all fixtures were lost... also Service Shoe Shop survived but did lose some equipment

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  1. thanks for your wonderful posts on Minot Memories. I was a little girl living in Eastwood Park when the Waverly Hotel fire occured. I remember walking downtown with my dad to see the spectacular and frightening blaze. Although I'm pretty old now (79), I remember that fire and that freezing night like it was yesterday.