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Monday, January 9, 2012

Leslie Benton Contractors

Leslie & Benton Contractors – This company was located 1 mile Southeast of Minot on old Highway 52. Their phone number was Temple 7-4106. Leslie and Benton claimed they were equipped with the know-how to meet all your needs in Industrial, Commercial and Home Construction. They began operation in1947. The owners were Lloyd J Leslie and Arthur C Benton. Some of the projects they did included The Starlite Club, St Croix Motors (on South Broadway), Minot Lumber Company (on South Broadway), Eddy’s Bar, Self Service Furniture, Carl’s Radiator Shop, Purity Dairy and an addition on the Gelking Motel. Leslie & Benton were also the regional headquarters for Safway Scafolding. Pictured below is Self Service Furniture on South Broadway


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