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Friday, January 20, 2012

House Update

Some of the followers are wondering about the house ....
House update ----- we are in and have been since the sunday before Xmas. The main floor is pretty much done inside. we have a lot of cleanup and fixing to do on the front porch when warmer. The basement is almost done. we are painting all the walls this weekend. The Bathroom is done with new large shower and jacuzzi tub. After paint the only thing left to do will be to replace the steps at backdoor, into basement and upstairs. The contractors are going back to Idaho this weekend for a couple weeks. they have the measurements and will build the steps there and install in early February. The biggest thing now is to empty the top floor. A lot of that is going into the Basment family room. That is going to be a fairly long process as we are sorting, throwing and giving away a lot of stuff. Books are going to library or adult learning center, clothes to salvation army,( and there are a lot of each). The heating guys will be back next week for one day to get the zones set up for the heat and A/c system. Then it is pretty much done  EXCEPT for the painting of the outside, redoing the whole yard and landscaping, replacing all the full length windows in basement with energy efficient ones that look like original, repairing and insulating the garage and getting that all set up again …. And so on …. And  so on pictures to follow soon


  1. I am so glad to read that so much is done on your house. Although I lived in Minot during the '69 flood, and even the floods of the seventies, we were fortunate that in '69 we lived in Parkview, and my mom got our mobile home towed out before the second crest. In the seventies we lived down on W. Central, across the river from Oak Park, but the dike in the alley kept us from getting more than basement water. Keep plugging away at it - and know there are many people pulling for you, and praying for you.

  2. Nice to know that re-building is happening - and happy that your home is progressing so nicely.


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