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Friday, January 27, 2012

Theaters - August 19,1961

Now Showing at Theaters – August 19, 1961 – At one time there were a number of theaters in Minot. At the Outdoor Theater there was a double feature. Charlton Heston in The Naked Jungle and the other show was Elizabeth Taylor in Elephant Walk. The next show was going to be Portrait in Black starring Lana Turner and Anthony Quinn….. At the Empire Theater on Main Street was The Pleasure of His Company with Fred Astaire, Debbie Reynolds and Tab Hunter….. The Town Theater was showing Atlantis- The Lost Continent, plus cartoons. … The newspaper had a section devoted to the theaters and what was showing with a synopsis and picture of the movie….There was also stock car racing at the Fairgrounds and a dance at the Central Parking lot sponsored by the Western Plains Timing Association. Gordon’s Holiday Spot featured the “Lillian Raye Duo” in the Shangri-la Lounge.


  1. Western Plains Timing Association.... I belonged to that fact I helped form the club....what do you know about it? Just curious....I had forgoten about it. We had dark blue jackets with white have any pictures of the club? I was an Air Force brat and moved out of Minot with my family in '61....I graduated from MHS in '61....


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