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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inequity Hollow

 Fred Hines at one time was a cab or bus driver in Minot in the early 1900’s. He drove for both the Leland Hotel and Waverly Hotel at different times. His task was to pick up and deliver clients to their destinations around Minot. He would deliver his passengers from the railroad stations to the hotels and when the fair was held on south hill, he would transport the passengers to it also. Quote from 1939 article “at that period in Minot’s history there was a segregated district of bawdy houses in a coulee southwest of Minot and as a hack driver he was called upon to transport gentlemen of the double standard from downtown hotels to this place which was sometimes called Inequity Hollow.”  Alto North Dakota was under state prohibition at that time, Hines recalls that whiskey was easily obtained in Minot. 
This area is what we refer to today as 3rd Street Southwest or Minot’s High Third.


  1. I love your blog! And the name "Inequity Hollow" will stick in my mind forever, now. Friends used to live on High 3rd St. in the first year or two after the '69 flood. I grew up hearing about the colorful past that area of town had. Of course back then DeeDee still had his cafe at the bottom of the hill. Thank you for the wonderful memories (some of which are new ones!)