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Monday, October 31, 2011

Evacuated - Day 131 - Oct 31, 2011

Just returned from the house after a special City Council Mtg and a quick trip to the noon Rotary Meeting. It is a bee-hive of activity. The sheetrockers are in the process of mudding and soon to be taping and texturing. They have most of the main floor done and soon to be working on the basement.
The plumbers have arrived. they are already working on getting rid of the old vent pipe and the few water lines remaining. They will have most of the plumbing by this weekend, if all goes well. Will keep you posted on how this goes.
The heating and a/c company is in. I met with Blaine after Rotary and I think he has a game plan. By this weekend we may have heat.... not sure about a/c but won't need that until next summer. Electrician will stop back this afternoon and move some ceiling lights we installed in the furnace room to make room for ductwork.
All the flooring has arrived. We need to get taping and texturing done so we can paint and then install the flooring .


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