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Monday, February 29, 2016

1944 - Health Care

Tuberculosis (TB) Control  1944 – because of WWII there was a shortage of X-ray film to test people for TB. Known cases of TB were followed and 144 home visits were made for this purpose. With the cooperation of the Christmas Seal Funds X-rays were available later in the year and many patients and people they were in contact with were rechecked.

Maternal and Child Health 1944 – In 1944 home visits were made to expectant mothers and mothers with new babies and young children to encourage adequate care and proper nutrition. Also to urge the families to protect the children against preventable diseases. Monthly Pre-school Conferences were held at the Health Unit and yearly conferences were held at each school in Minot. Nutritional needs, emotional and physical development were stressed. Nutritionists were present to help advise and educate mothers. 471 pre-school children in Minot were examined throughout the year


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