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Friday, February 12, 2016

Minot As it is Now (1915) --1915 Tales From Old Timers # 16 Pt 1

– Minot 1915 – Minot’s remarkable growth has been in the last few years. In 1900 there were scarcely 1200 people, but each succeeding year has been a steady, substantial increase until today there are more than 10,000 residents. While commercial progress has been wonderful, the social side of the city has not been neglected, and what used to be a baron stretch of prairie and useless hills has been transformed into a beautiful city with prosperous homes and well kept farms, a striking contrast to the early days of construction and a sample of Western Industry. Three trunk lines of railway and branches, wholesale houses, elevators, flour mills, creameries, good hotels, churches and schools help make Minot what she is today, “The Magic City”. The wholesale houses have for many years formed the backbone of the business industries. The geographical situation of Minot makes her the natural distributing point for the vast and fertile fields of the great northwest. 


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