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Monday, January 11, 2016

1915 Minot History - Story 1

From the 1915 History of Minot
Minot is a thriving city of 10,000 population, situated in the beautiful Mouse River valley, surrounded by fertile farming country and the center of the greatest grain producing country in the United States. 

In the early days, before the advent of the railroads, a few hardy and courageous settlers found their way into the Mouse River country. It was in 1883 that people really began to settle in and around the present site of MInot. The nearest railroad center was Bismarck, 120 miles to the south. Small bands of Indians journeying from the Turtle Mountains to the Berthold Reservation would stop and make their encampment on what is now the site of the new Federal Post Office (the Federal Building on 1st Street and 1st Avenue SW). This led to an Indian Trading post and Government Agency. for many years the main industry was trading with the Indians. This was before North and South Dakota became separate states. The two combined were known as the Dakota Territory.

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