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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Past News Events

1944 – Police Magistrate Court – In the Police Magistrate Court a total of 1,031 cases were tried compared to 896 cases the year before. 862 cases for drunkedness, 29 cases for vagrancy and 140 cases for “Other” charges. A total of $8,866.15 was collected by the court. Of that $3,683.00 was for fines of various types.

 July 1972 -- Top stories on the front page of the newspaper…. The US Senate voted to increase the hourly minimum wage to $2.20 which would give much bigger paychecks to many people however the House wanted a minimum wage of $2.00 per hour  ….. Speed Limits were being painted on some streets in addition to the standard metallic signs….. the State Fair attendance had surpassed 100,000

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