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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sanitation Laboratory 1944 –

 The Sanitation Laboratory was responsible for supervision of water supplies, sewage disposal, milk and food sanitation, swimming pools and any other nuisances which may affect public health.
Restaurant sanitation was one of the major activities. A total of 72 restaurants were operating in the city. During the year 10 Food Handlers Classes were held for 223 food handlers. A total of 783 restaurant inspections were made and 461 rim tests on glasses and silverware were made.
A total of 377 bacteriological tests were made on the Minot City water. Also 98 dairy and 59 pasteurization inspections were conducted…

Due to the recommendation of this unit, the City of Minot passed an ordinance that eliminated all outdoor privies or outhouses within the city limits or where sanitary sewers exist.


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