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Monday, December 21, 2015

1944 Minot Annual Report

Off and on I will be presenting excerpts from the 1944 Minot Annual Report .... In 1944 the World War II was coming to an end. As quoted in the 1944 Annual Report… “ The winning of the war in Europe and the consequent greater efforts being planned against Japan increases the probability that peace will be restored in the near future making it incumbent on the City Administration to perfect its plans for the post-war period so as to best meet the unusual conditions generally anticipated.

Some of the Post war improvements needed in Minot included: replacement of all wood block paving still remaining in downtown Minot …. Attention given to the flooding of the 6th Street Underpass.   … a survey of the underground water resources to determine availability… Securing a site for the new City Hall (at this time City Hall was on First Avenue behind Montgomery Wards)…. and adding a new fire station… 

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