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Monday, July 27, 2015

Taco Shop Opens in Minot –

 October, 1965 saw the opening of The Taco Shop at 1514 South Broadway. The Taco Shop was located next to Magic Mile Market. Owner, Sam Buttz or Taco Sam, who did all the cooking, offered a menu consisting of tacos, grinders, chili, tostados and Mexi-burgers. The Mexi-burger was similar to a sloppy joe and seasoned to the customer’s desire. The grinder was the early and east coast version of what we now call a sub sandwich. The 14 inch long grinder sold for 75 cents while tacos sold for 24 cents. The Taco shop was open form 11 am to 2 am except for Friday and Saturday the hours were 11am to 3 am. Customers also had the option of purchasing the ingredients to make their food at home


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